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Ucario vom Aldamar

Born - 6/10/2021

Ucario is truly the full package when it comes to German Shepherds. He is a large powerful male with spectacular pigmentation. Ucario is clear headed, well mannered and very social. One of his most admirable traits is his outstanding temperament. 

When you look at Ucario's pedigree you will notice he comes from a long line of top German Shepherds and world champions.

The father of Ucario is Negus de Marka (VA1 USA, V8 BSZS, IGP 3, KKL Lifetime). Negus is a show stopper who turns the heads of everyone in the crowd. Negus' father is an impeccable male named Henko vom Holtkamper Hof (VA5, IPO 3, KKL). Other notable dogs on Ucario's father's side are Fight vom Holtkamper Hot (VA2, IPO 3, KKL) and Remo vom Fichtenschlag 2X VA1 world champion.

Ucario's mother is the beautiful Marley vom Aldamar (IGP 1, KKL). Marley's father is the famous Asap vom Aldamar (VA2 BSZS, IPO 3, KKL)

Other notable dogs on Ucario's mother's side are Peik vom Holtkamper Hof and Marlo v Baccana (VA3, BSZS, VA1 USA, IPO 3, KKL)

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